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Gary Smith EDA Business Operations Transferred to Pedestal Research

Gary Smith EDA is excited to announce that after serving as the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the electronics design industry for the past 11 years, it has transferred its business operations to Pedestal Research. Market research and competitive intelligence services will continue to be spearheaded by lead analyst Laurie Balch, whose experience includes over 20 years as a design and engineering industry analyst with both Gartner and Gary Smith EDA.

Pedestal Research offers market strategy and analysis for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, embedded software tools, mechanical design and related technology markets. Our market research supports executives at leading technology vendor and user companies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and financial institutions by making available analysis and data that significantly enhance business decisions.

Our customers include both Fortune 100 companies and technology startups, span vertical industries from automotive and aerospace to computer and networking equipment to industrial machinery, and are based around the world in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Through market insights, technology trend forecasts and competitive intelligence, Pedestal Research’s expertise in the design and engineering markets provides clients with valuable tools for their strategic planning. In addition to market statistics, trend analyses and forecasts, Pedestal Research offers custom consulting on new market and product development, as well as merger and acquisition strategy.

If you are interested in learning how we can assist in your market intelligence needs, please contact Pedestal Research at (408) 799-9319 or