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Pedestal Research releases its
What to See at DAC 2018 highlights

Pedestal Research is the leading provider of market research for the global electronic design automation (EDA), Internet of Things (IoT), electronic system level (ESL) design, semiconductor IP (SIP), mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE, embedded software tools and related technology markets. We develop in-depth market statistics, trend analyses and forecasts offering analysis of the overall market performance of EDA companies.

Market Statistics

Market statistics are the basis of all sound business planning. Pedestal Research provides multiple core annual market statistics documents:
• Market Share reports consisting of historical data
• Market Trends reports with in-depth data and analysis exploring growth drivers for the many sub-applications that comprise the design and engineering landscape

Market Trends reports are focused on targeted market segments (e.g., ESL, RTL, IC CAD, PCB) to better tailor data for the variety of specialized needs of our clients.

Market Forecasts

Pedestal Research provides worldwide revenue forecasts covering a five-year horizon for the major design tools applications to assist vendors in planning investment directions for research and development. Forecast reports present future projections for industry growth, with data available for global market growth as well as regional growth in various market segments.

Research Viewpoints

Research Viewpoints present in-depth analysis of news and market trends that will have a significant impact on the strategy and product directions for market participants in the future.

These Research Viewpoints will help you understand the implications of the latest developments in the market for your company, product and partner strategies.